Smoked Brisket

Tender smokey beef! Takes all day, 8 – 10 hours is best.


  • 1 beef brisket, 8 – 10 lbs
  • The RUB:
  • 1/3 c brown sugar
  • 1/3 c sea salt, coarse
  • 1/3 c paprika (I use smoked for added flavour)
  • 1/3 c chili powder, mild
  • 1/4 c spicy pepper medley, or black pepper


  • Heat the smoker to 220F.  Load the wood pucks.
  • Roll out the brisket and check it for undesirable gristle.  Leave the fat layers as that tenderizes the meat as it smokes.
  • Combine ingredients for rub and put it all over the brisket.
  • Put the brisket on a wire rack.  If brisket it too large then cut it in half and put it on 2 wire racks.
  • Place a drip pan on the bottom of the smoker and then arrange the wire racks with the brisket on top, but not touching so that the smoke can move around the brisket. Use the smoke feature for a minimum of 4 hours.  I use it for the full 8 hours.
  • About 1 hour before serving time, remove the brisket and cover with foil.  Let it stand to absorb juices.
  • Slice thinly and serve.  Awesome with Fancy Pork n’ Beans, coleslaw, and buns.
  • Enjoy!

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