Gravy for large group

Adapted from Lynn Crawford


Carrots, 3 or 4 medium size

Onion, 1/2 cup roughly

Celery, 2 – 4 stalks

Vegetable Broth, as many cups as required for packaged gravey mix

Packaged gravy mix (beef, turkey etc), however many you need for your group size

Drippings / fat from whatever meat you are cooking


  • In a medium saucepan, pour in the vegetable broth and turn to medium heat.
  • Clean and slice the carrots into 1/4″ rounds, add to saucepan
  • Clean and slice the celery into small pieces, add to saucepan
  • Chop the onion, add to saucepan
  • Cook veggies until very soft.
  • Remove the cooked veggies from the broth.
  • Add packaged gravy mixes to broth.  Cook according to package directions.
  • Suction off drippings / fat from meat. Separate fat from other juices.
  • Add flour to fat and make  roux.
  • Add a bit of cold water to make roux into a slurry.
  • Add some hot broth to slurry to dilute more.  Add fat mix very slowly to hot broth.
  • Add remaining meat juices to pot.
  • Continue cooking the gravey until desired thickness.  Keep in mind that gravy should be on the thin side as it will thicken as bit as it cools at serving time.

Thanks to Lynn Crawford

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